No one ever dreams about driving a midsize sedan.

We wanted a sweet and dreamy cinematic pre-launch spot for the Optima. This needed to hold its own on the big screen while it ran during 2010 Holiday season.

A New Way To Roll

After rounds of concepting ideas for the launch of the Kia Soul, we realized that no matter what the execution we had a very simple message -- We’re all going from Point A to Point B, but we’re just suggesting there’s a new way to do it. We took that message to heart. Instead of the normal brash, balls-out advertising treatment that cars usually get, we decided there might just be a new way to market to our young target as well. In keeping with that basic thought, we designed a non-traditional brand initiative to complement the launch’s fundamental idea. We created the Soul Collective, which sent Souls on tour with Santigold, MGMT and other sweet bands to play free shows across country, we set up a six-part web series on Youtube, we invented an interactive web game, and we watched as hamsters actually became cool. And ultimately, we constructed the relationship between music and the Soul that would play out for the next three years.

case study

custom autoshow display piece

Hamstar Clothing

Adidas reigns supreme in the hip-hop scene in the real world. What would be its counterpart in the Soul hamster world? Hamstar was our answer. We envisioned it as a brand within a brand and intended to market it that way. First, we designed the entire wardrobe and urban backdrop for the ‘This or That’ commercial as Hamstar-centric, complete with grafitti tagging and other “winks” within the CGI set build. Then we got fans of the spot talking to each other on a teaser Facebook fan page, where we planned to make our announcement of hamstarclothing.com. Hamstar now lives there as a standalone apparel and urban accessories digital storefront, where you can purchase everything from the hoodies in the spot to vinyl toys. Over 50 quadrillion units have been sold to date, and it’s still going strong.

Detox Your Home

Method was fighting a dirt revolution. Since the era of Lysol, people had been brainwashed to kill dirt in their homes. Method had turned that old-fashioned ideology on its head, by stewarding a green movement of responsible cleaning using their eco- and human-friendly products. We created a microsite to show users that the products that they were using to kill dirt in their homes were actually toxic poisons – in the happiest way possible, of course. In the Detox Your Home campaign, we gave users ten different interactive tests on a microsite to determine their home toxicity level due to their current cleansers. They could also learn how Method products would actually be a beneficial alternative to what they currently had in their cupboards. By joining the Method Advocate community, folks could learn to clean, not kill.

"It's a Wonderful World, Destroy It."

One of the launch titles for the Playstation3 was Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction. What better way of showing off the new processing power
of the PS3 than directing Digital Domain to build a pristine city and then blow it to smithereens.

"If you're going through hell, keep going."

-Winston Churchill

SOCOM has a huge cult following and is one of Playstation’s most successful titles. We thought it would be cool to give its top gamers their dream by putting them through their worst nightmare. We recruited the top 16 players and put them through a real Hellweek with US Navy SEALs in Coronado, CA. The resulting reality series that we produced showed the gamers going through a real life test-of-wills.

Dude, get your own.

These spots were a continuation of Playstation’s “Dude, get your own” campaign. One was on TV, and the others ran as in-banner video on various websites.


Our target audience for the launch of the new Sorento was new parents, but we didn’t want to pander to them as clichés.
We wanted to talk with them as real life people. So we considered what set their cars apart from everyone else’s – their
back seats were universally littered with crumbs, toys and Soyjoy wrappers.

Photographer: Vincent Dixon

digital postcards created for the microsite

Resistance: Fall of Man

One of the most highly anticipated titles on the PS3, RFOM was set in an alternate history where mankind was being exterminated by aliens. To capture the realism of the game, we created a series of newspaper articles, government reports and soldier’s journals that documented the horrible events as if they were actually happening. The campaign consisted of nine expandable video units but you don't have to watch them all.

Genji: Days of the Blade

One of the challenges of working on PS3 games is that the ads need to look at least as good as the actual game graphics. To make sure we did the game justice, we created custom 3D assets that pitted our man Genji against an army of masked legions. Guess who wins. This campaign won a Gold ADDY in 2007.

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